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Delacy Dennis, Editor

An email was sent to the staff and administration at the high school which released information about the problematic internet. Teachers and students alike have complained about slow internet connections, but the problem persists. The high school is currently “utilizing a 100MB connection for 3,000 plus students and staff,” according to the email sent to the staff of Melissa ISD from Ricky Cline.  For those who need a reference that connection is the same or slower than what you would find at your house.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the school district will choose a new internet provider, and there will be a waiting period until the paperwork goes through. This will cause major changes to our network, however no one is sure when such changes will occur. What if this change is during school hours? What if it is in the middle of an online final? Do we know how long it will last?

The school district needs to understand that students use their phones for more than talking with friends. There are many assignments in school that require phones so students can visit a website for class.

Dual credit classes suffer more than any other because of internet troubles. The school graciously provides all supplies needed for dual credit classes. Nearly every college syllabus requires internet access, especially dual credit classes. The majority of my work is turned in online because I am in many dual credit classes. It is the school’s responsibility to provide a way for the students to complete the course, but the school is not providing the tools necessary to do that.

In his dual credit English class Tuesday, junior Dain Miller said, “I sat in class for an entire period before my chrome book loaded. It was so slow that I couldn’t even log on to my account.” There are too many students and staff using the Wi-Fi, and not enough bandwidth to go around.

This year, there have been more students than ever before at the high school, which means the internet difficulty has become one of the major issues in our school. It is the school’s responsibility to provide the students with the tools necessary for success in their classes, and currently they aren’t doing enough.