Letter From The Editor: Hello Flannels

Ty Graham and Nick Lanier

In every person’s life, there a time where they believe they are younger and more hip than they actually are. This belief can manifest itself in several different ways, most of them unhealthy. Some people will go out and buy a totally unnecessary sports car, while others will dress in ways that they probably shouldn’t.  Melissa High School teachers have attempted to display the youth and hipness they believe they have with ¨Flannel Fridays¨, a new program in February where the staff and faculty wears flannels, on Fridays. For those who are not fashion savvy, the word flannel means, ¨a soft, slightly napped fabric of wool or wool and another fiber, used for trousers, jackets, shirts, etc.¨, according to dictionary.com. In this context, however, a flannel is simply a long sleeve buttoned shirt with a colored plaid pattern.  

As I mentioned before, life crises are dangerous for those experiencing them, but also for those around them. If you happen to see a middle aged person who is way too happy that they are matching all other middle aged people around them, avoid eye contact and walk away quickly. Do not under any circumstances encourage such behavior, or do something as foolish as taking a picture with them. Again, this is a dangerous habit, and we are simply trying to save these lost souls before it is too late.