New Bible Class

Carly Maisel, Reporter

Melissa has released that they will be offering a bible class. “The Bible as Literature” is the name of the new course. This course exposes students to the Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament and the New Testament which teaches biblical content, characters, poetry, and narratives that impact understanding of classical and contemporary society and culture, including literature, art and music.

This class may be a great thing for Melissa. Students that are interested will be able to finally learn about the bible at school. Expanding their knowledge in the bible will be an amazing thing for these students, but what about the students who are against it?
Clearly not all students believe in the same things, so this class could be very contradictory. How will the students who do not necessarily believe in the bible take this class? Will they want a class for their beliefs too?

Another problem that arises would be that typically religious practices and talking about religion is ban in most schools, so keeping this class in state guidelines could be difficult. The course catalog states that “the course follows federal and state laws and guidelines in maintaining religious neutrality and accommodating the diverse religious views and perspectives of students.”  Just because these rules are in place does not mean they will necessarily be followed. Sophomore Memory Groves who plans on taking this class next year said “If they have any problems with other beliefs or religions maybe in the future years they could open a class for other religions.”

The class should not be too much of an issue, and the students are very excited for it. Freshman Karson Love stated “I think it will be a cool edition to Melissa, and I’m ready for the class because my dream job is to work in ministry and I think that class would help me.” Her goal by the end of the course is to learn more of the bible and other religions.