Student Spotlight

Nick Lanier, Editor

Junior Uly Convento enjoyed a memorable night last week, as he scored his 1st goal for the Cardinal soccer team in a 4-0 rout of Paris North Lamar. The curling strike from around 20 yards out, was the final of the night, and really highlights how much Uly’s hard work has payed off. Convento, who rarely misses practices despite the early start time of 6:30AM, says “my first goal felt awesome, it was a unique experience”. Convento is getting more confident every day and this dedication and practice is being rewarded with more playing time. He says that “it is important to be at practice as much as possible. Always give your best; practice like you would play. I would always ask others on how to improve, and the more experienced players give great advice”. Coach Kelley Pitzer, who is the boys varsity coach, explains that “Ulys exceptional work ethic on and off the field will enable him to be successful in all aspects of life”.


Convento is not only a great member of the soccer team but is also a very intelligent individual who is part of the Melissa High School Engineering team; the president elect to be precise. He says “we placed 7th last year in Collin County; engineering really interests me so I really enjoy being a part of the program”. Engineering is arguably the most useful subject to learn about in the 21st century, with many job openings readily available. Convento wishes to go to UT Arlington in the future and graduate with two engineering degrees; bachelors in civil engineering, and associates aerospace. He is beginning the process of being ready to head into the world of work with the skills he need to be successful. Senior August Greer, who is the current president of the engineering program, as well as a captain on the soccer team, mentioned that Uly is “an awesome person, and a pleasure to work with on the field and on the engineering team”.

Uly Convento is the perfect example of what happens when you work hard towards your goals, and hopefully his success both on the field and in the classroom shows that practice makes perfect and it is possible to achieve your dreams as long as you dedicate time towards them.