Which Cleats are the Most Comfortable?

Dillon Youngblood, Staff Writer

The baseball players all wear different cleats. But which are the most comfortable? A lot of players are moving toward New Balance this year because they have made a good name for their company. Players on the team might wear different cleats in games than they do in practice, but why? Some do it for looks and some do it for comfort. Baseball is a long game of standing and running, which is exactly why it is good to wear the most comfy shoes. Players are running on rough dirt and thick grass, which can make it difficult to withstand some of the pain that comes from all the applied pressure from the ground.


Junior Tate Whittington says, “New Balances are the best and there is no question about it. I will always wear them over anything or any brand that is out there. They just have a really comforting sole and the cushion is amazing.” Quite an answer coming from the varsity first basemen.


Another junior Brady Morrison says, “Nike is probably the coolest looking brand. But I have to say I agree with Tate because New Balances never make my feet ache.” Coming from someone who is constantly in the outfield, running in the thick and rough grass terrain.
Well, now we know New Balances are one of the most comfortable shoe brand for a baseball player. The brand itself will probably be constantly around throughout the year for year-round baseball events. Comforting players will always be the most important attribute for a good team.