UPS Drone Deliveries

Isabella Coulombe, Staff Writer

In San Francisco, both the drone industry and federal regulators are years away from actual legal drone deliveries in the United States. But that has not stopped companies from testing possibilities, both to get the visual of a drone with their logo out in front of the public and to see what works.

The UPS Company wanted to try something new with drones. They would always be launched from the truck, never from a certain place. “While the drone is making its delivery, the driver would continue to the next stop, make another delivery by hand, and then the drone would then make its way back and charge on top of the UPS package car.” said a UPS delivery representative. The company believes it will get work done faster and help out the workers significantly. The only downside is that instead of helping out workers it could completely take over the deliveries and cause the workers not able to work anymore, because they are not needed. It could get rid of some people’s jobs.

In the future, when technology is more advanced, they want to be able to deliver packages long distances. “The test has implications for future deliveries, especially in rural locations where our package cars often have to travel miles to make a single delivery.” Mr. Wallace from UPS said. “UPS isn’t trying to replace drivers but to make them more efficient by allowing one driver to deliver more packages to several houses at a time.” If the drones completely took over in delivery services, it would not only get the job done faster, but save the extra miles.