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For the Joy of the Game

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For the Joy of the Game

Wilson Gustaveson, Editor in Chief

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Should college athletes be paid? I don’t know, should we give dogs chocolate? Should we tax the homeless? On the subject of killing things, why don’t we just have a funeral service for the NCAA right now.

Are you kidding me? How is this a question? College athletes should not be paid, under any circumstances. If you pay a person to do anything, it becomes a business, not a game. Many argue that these kids deserve the payment, and how they work like dogs to support their team. Paying them would only be fair, right? WRONG. Paying college athletes creates a sense of solemnity and seriousness. The main aspect of entertainment in college sports comes from the fact that these players are out there to play the game. They are not there to make money, they are there for the joy of victory, for the pain of defeat. The true grit and determination of these players is what makes college sports shine. To take away the defining quality of the NCAA, would be like taking away a cartoonist’s pencil, or a chef’s kitchen.

Can we stoop lower than this? Can seriously consider paying people who do not want or need to be paid? Has anybody even asked the players themselves if they want to be paid? Ladies and gentlemen, this is just another example of over privileged people who do not want or need it. What’s next? Banning soda for being “unhealthy?” Penalizing colleges for “stress inducing situations?” Banning food for “obesity protection?” Do you want a pillow and a blankie with your bedtime story?

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Wilson Gustaveson, Editor in Chief

Junior, Wilson Gustaveson, is the Co-Editor for The Banner-News. He enjoys comics, ukulele, and tennis. He has lived in Melissa for 11 years. Wilson was...

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