Fashion Makes Its Way to Melissa

Chloe Hockersmith, Assistant Editor

Registration for classes next year occurs in the beginning of March before spring break, and there are new classes available that may spark students’ interest.

One of those new classes includes fashion and design, which will be taught by Mrs. Tyner, who has been teaching here for four years.

“We’ll talk about current styles, materials, and textiles,” Tyner said. “We will also do some marketing kind of stuff, as far as the consumer part, like why certain things are put in a department store. We will do basic sewing as well and it will really be a lot of fun.”

This class caught her eye, since she is hugely interested in stuff like this and believes teaching it will be a thrill.

“This is a fun, broad teaching subject,” Tyner said.

Mrs. Tyner suggests this class to all students and believes it will help them not only currently, but in the future as well because of the problem skills learned in the class.

“I think this will be a fun class to also help them with life skills they will use beyond high school,” Tyner said, “like being able to take care of themselves, and knowing where your money is going for your clothes. [Student will learn] where you should shop, what you should invest in, and what some classic things that are gonna last awhile are,”

The class serves all students.

“Any kind of students that are creative and enjoy fashion, current trends, and enjoy keeping up with things around the world regarding fashion should sign up to take this class,” Tyner said.