Choir Student Takes 1st Chair 3rd Year in a Row


Madison Courtney, Assistant Editor

Choir student, Rachel Wresh, auditioned at the 2017-18 Region 25 Area competition and got First Chair in this year’s All-State Choir. In March, Rachel and choir teacher, Whitney Watson, will travel to San Antonio for the All-State Choir Concert. The audition process starts in the summer, at camps at different Texas college campuses, auditions start in October and continue until the last audition in February. Out of 70,000 TMEA, Texas Music Education Association, choir, band, and orchestra students, 2.5% get to go to the All-State Convention.
“Preparation for All-State is basically just getting in as much practice as you can.” Rachel said.
Rachel has been competing in the TMEA since her freshman year, and has earned first chair three consecutive years in a row.
“Freshman year I was super busy, so I would listen to my CD and sing in the car on my way from place to place. You have to squeeze it in where ever you can,” Rachel said. “It’s all about preparation.”
This year, the competition had more small school competitors than the past two years.
“Every year that we do it the competition gets harder and harder, so I was super nervous this year,” Rachel said. “I was really relieved and proud of myself when they announced I made first chair.”
Mrs.Watson who has been coaching all the choir kids through this process, says “This is going to be huge” for pursuing music in college.
“It shows just the level of dedication that she has,” Mrs. Watson said, “Later, as a performer [if she goes professional] it shows how talented she is and that she is successful every single year, which is just incredible.”