Justice League Movie Review


Wilson Gustaveson, Editor in Chief

The movie “Justice League” was full of CGI, (Computer Generated Images), exposition, and forgettable characters. It’s almost like Ben Affleck’s Batman tried to find a montone, stereotypical african-american to play Cyborg, and a stale sarcastic actor for Aquaman. Sorry for all of you Aquaman fans out there, but Aquaman was a bland and undeveloped character, that was simply a hindrance to the movie-going experience. Aquaman is such an underrated character, and for good reasons. DC, please tell me you aren’t going to go deeper into Aquaman’s lore because the Aquaman solo film you guys plan on releasing would be neglected by the paying public.. Just sayin’.

Aquaman rants aside, “Justice League” was truly a multi-million dollar child’s finger painting played out on the big screen. Why am I dragging Zack Snyder, lead director of “Justice League,” through the mud on his mess of a movie? Pretty much because Marvel took the exact same concept of a popular superhero team, but with less money and resources, and did a better job.

Of course, the movie that I am talking about is Marvel’s “The Avengers,” a popular superhero team filled with everyone’s favorite characters. Just kidding, Marvel did not even own half of their “founding Avengers” so they did the best with what they had. Marvel took four years to build up their extended universe with 5 movies and four of them were origin stories. Those movies were “Iron Man” and its sequel, “Iron Man 2,” “Incredible Hulk,” “Thor,” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.” When “The Avengers” was released, it was regarded as one of the best Marvel Movies out there, and it made millions in the box office. Snyder had four years in his extended universe, and he produced 3 movies, and two of them were origin stories, “Man of Steel” and “Wonder Woman.” “Batman v. Superman” was technically a movie, but c’mon, it was garbage. You know it was. This is the biggest problem with “Justice League.” While “The Avengers” had four movies to give backstories to their characters, “Justice League” had to spend the first 30 to 45 minutes to give under explained expositions and motivations for their characters.  This left a measly 1 hour and 15 minutes to carry out the plot. In “The Avengers” the team was already assembled. All that you have to do is get Cap to say, “Avengers Assemble” and, boom. the exposition is done.

The second biggest problem in “Justice League” was the lack of character development. The 45 minute exposition left barely more than half of the movie to further the plot, characters like Aquaman and Cyborg were abandoned and forgotten. Aquaman began the movie as a stubborn, unlikeable character, that nobody cared about. Aquaman ended the movie as a stubborn, unlikeable character, that had one funny scene, that nobody cared about. The same goes for Cyborg. Cyborg was just boring. He was the same person that he was at the beginning of the film, except for the fact that he is slightly less depressed.

“Justice League” failed because it had too much backstory and not enough action. That’s the largest problem with this movie. The solution, of course, is to change the release of this movie. DC has plans to release origin movies for “Flash”, “Batman”, and, (sadly), “Aquaman” before the release of “Justice League.” If DC wanted this movie to be anything near Marvel caliber, then they should have released these movies first, and then release “Justice League” later in the timeline. In the first 15 minutes, quickly introduce how the characters banded together, and you then have an extra 30 minutes to make a great movie. In this thirty minutes, you can develop the characters and make meaningful connections with the viewers. This would take “Justice League” to the next level, and make DC a contender with the Marvel Studios Powerhouse.