Choir takes 3rd straight sweepstakes

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Choir takes 3rd straight sweepstakes

Madison Courtney, Assistant Editor

Since late January the choir has been preparing their music for the UIL competition and practicing their sight reading skills.

In the past two years choir has received sweepstakes at the Regional UIL competition and on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, they competed again for another sweepstakes score. At UIL the choir will have to sight read one piece of music and sing three prepared pieces; an acapella piece, a foreign language piece, and a song of choice.  The choir sang the Korean folk song “Arirang” and a French song called “Romance” by Debussy for their acapella and foreign language piece. The song of choice was “The Swing” inspired by a collection of poems written by “Treasure Island” author Robert Lois Stevenson.

“We had to work a lot harder than we had in past years, but we still came out with straight ones.” Rachel Wresh, junior,  said.

The music selected this year was of a higher difficulty level than the music in from previous years when the choir sang. Choir students practiced during mega lunch and after school in order to be prepared for Tuesday’s performance.

“Our approach is simple since this is likely the last time this will be heard,” said Choir director Mrs.Watson, “we get on stage at the Allen PAC, give it our best, and leave all of our emotions on stage.”

With 24 seniors graduating this UIL competition the pressure was on to keep the sweepstakes streak alive for the senior choir members.

“I love how much we grew this year and how we challenged ourselves with our music,” Aaron Vaughn, senior, said.

The choir students felt “nervous excitement” going into the auditorium and then into the sight reading room, but were still able to come out with a one from all of their judges.

“It feels amazing to get sweepstakes,” said, junior, Bella Walker,” this is my first year in choir and I’m really excited to have this fulfilling experience.”

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