Dream come true

Chloe Hockersmith, Assistant Editor

Senior Johnathan Hawkins’s dreams have been taking off. His music has been approved and he has agreed to perform at The Prophet Bar in Dallas. With five songs out on SoundCloud and up to 5,602 plays, Hawkins has been living what he had always wanted.

Hawkins entered a contest and submitted his music, and they chose him to perform. If he wins the next contest, he will get to tour 10 cities of his choice, and get $300 for doing it.

“They only choose about 15 people to perform. ” Hawkins said.

    Johnathan is stoked about this opportunity. He believes it will open up many other opportunities for him and help him grow and become more known.

“I’m pretty excited because it is my first gig, and now that I got this one I can get multiple gigs now,” Hawkins said.

His friends and family feel the same excitement, and many people are planning to come out and watch his performance.

“A lot of people told me they are going to come see me and support,” Hawkins said.

It has not always been easy, and he has faced backlash since he began.

“Sometimes the backlash brings me down, but sometimes I brush it off,” Hawkins said. “I have to get used to it.”

Hawkins is performing on May 20, 2018. Tickets are available for purchase, contact Johnathan Hawkins.