Villegas, Farrow named as 2018-2019 Drum Majors

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Villegas, Farrow named as 2018-2019 Drum Majors

Madison Courtney, Assistant Editor

“The drum major position is a year-round audition.” Mr. Whorton said.

Next school year’s drum majors for the marching band will be juniors Rodneigh Farrow and Oscar Villegas.

The band held drum major auditions April 21st, and the same day announced the two new leadership team members. The drum major is responsible for conducting the band as well as, setting an overall good example for the rest of the band, especially during marching season.

“ What I really enjoy about Oscar and Rodneigh is that they work for the absolute best product possible,” Head band director, Jerry Whorton said.

Villegas will be the new head drum major; he has been in band since the sixth grade and previously acted as assistant drum major last year. The new assistant drum major will be Farrow who was been playing the flute in the program for seven years.

“Drum majors are supposed to lead the entire band,” Rodneigh said, “set the example, and be there when someone’s needed,”

The band has undergone changes in the last two years within it’s leadership  positions, and next season the band will have two drum majors instead of three.Two years ago band captains were added for guard, woodwind, percussion, and brass. This creates distance between drum majors and section leaders. With the new structure there need be only two drum majors.

“We went in and cut out the red tape,” Mr. Whorton said, “A complete different structure of how we’re handling student leadership.”

Rodneigh didn’t expect to get the position originally, she self taught herself to conduct and was “shocked” when she heard the news.

“Right as he was about to say the other person I went to clap for them,” Rodneigh said, “and he said my name.”

Oscar, however, took the news differently.

“Hard work from last year built up to this moment,” Oscar said.

Candidates for this position in band had two weeks to prepare themselves, with the help of one of the current drum majors, to conduct the first part of next year’s marching show. Drum majors were chosen based on that performance, an interview with the two band directors, and being able to command the band to attention.

“I can bring in some new traditions and old traditions, I have that leadership quality to help lead the band.” Rodneigh said, “ I‘ve just grown up with a sense.”

The main thing the two newly minted drum majors are excited about is next season’s show “The Colony.” The show’s theme is centered around ants.

“What’s next is to,” Oscar said, “ have a great show and a great year,”

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