Vance Joy concert review

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Vance Joy concert review

Madison Courtney, Assistant Editor

On his Nation of Two world tour, Vance Joy took the Verizon Theatre stage on Thursday, May 4 in Grand Prairie  performing an aesthetically and musically pleasing show.

Vance Joy, born as James Gabriel Keogh, is an indie pop, or indie rock, artist originating from Melbourne, Australia, and his music definitely has a chill, relaxing type vibe. The entire show caters to his sound with sweeping lights the dimly light the crowd and add to the overall ambience of the indie style guitar or ukulele in the music.

The show was opened by Lovely the Band a soft rock group that has a sound similar to the Five Seconds of Summer without the mainstream pop influences that separates a band from a boyband. They’re amazing live and are a worthy listen, especially their song Broken.

Joy opened the show with Fire and the Flood, the lights from the stage sunk the theatre in and orange and red glow. The song is a lot like the rest of his repertoire, mellow rhythmic guitar, a jazzy horn , and an overall folk influence and it did its job in setting the tone for the concert.

Concert goers were very laid back, swaying to the music, enjoying, and singing along, but the atmosphere of the concert did a complete 180 when Joy sang Riptide as his main set closer. Joy’s hit song lit up the entire theatre and suddenly every single person was screaming the lyrics to the entire song while dancing wildly.

Joy ended the concert with Saturday Sun, and as a first time listener it was an all-time favorite, the lyrics of the song allude to positive new beginnings and beautiful endings or sunsets which was a great way to end the concert.

Musically the Joy lives up to expectations, and sounds almost eerily similar to his recordings. His concerts are a testament to good musicianship and the next time he comes to Texas purchasing tickets is definitely worthwhile.

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