Campus screens showcase student college acceptance


Carly Maisel, Editor in Chief

The “#Accepted” wall is back.

The wall features students who have received official college acceptance letters, have committed to play a collegiate sport, signed with a military branch, or been admitted to a technical school.

“We want to showcase students’ future plans,” Counselor, Emily Chapman, said. “Because we are so excited and proud for this next chapter of their lives.”

To be featured on the wall, send school counselors a picture of college acceptance, chosen college, military, or technical school gear. The counselors will share each submitted photo on their Twitter account, @MHSCounselors4, and on the counseling web page at www.melissaisd.org/mhs/counseling.

Seniors can email their photo to Chapman at [email protected] or Ms. Gracy at [email protected]. They can also stop by the counseling office to have a photo taken.

“We had about 50 seniors featured last year and we hope to top that number this year,” Chapman said. “All pictures will be featured on a slideshow on the T.V. screens located on each floor.”