Crazed Crabb fan attends more than 50 concerts

Junior, Karson Love, has attended more than 50 of Christian singer, Jason Crabb's concerts.


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Carly Maisel, Editor in Chief

More than 25,000 miles in three years for 57 concerts.

Karson Love, junior, has been to 57 of Christian singer/songwriter Jason Crabb’s concerts.

“I found out about him from a fellow church member, my mom looked it up and my grandma ended up having one of his CD’s. My mom and grandma listened to it a lot and I started to enjoy it too,” Karson said.

The Crabb concert count began on April 11, 2014. Karson got to attend the concert and talk to him after the show.

“It was a new experience because I had never been to a concert, Love said. “It was fun getting to talk to him and take our picture.”

He did not really get to know the Love Family until he traveled to their church and performed. Karson has really enjoyed getting to know Mr. Crabb.

“I have talked to him and taken pictures with him fifty-four times,” Love said. “There were only three times where I did not get the chance too. Most people think I just like him because he is famous, but I like his music because he is in it for all the right reasons.”

Karson’s friends are all aware of her Crabb obsession and one of her friends, Brianna McGee was able to travel with Karson and attend a few concerts.

“It was a very fun concert and I can understand why Karson loves him so much. His music really speaks to the audience, you can tell that everyone there is having a good time. Plus he is kind of cute which is always a bonus,” Brianna said.

Karson plans on attending at least two more of his concerts this year. He released a new album back in April, and Karson was able to attend the release in Georgia for her birthday.

“He actually gave me a backstage pass to go to his after-party,” Karson said. “It was super exciting getting to hang out and talk with his family, managers, and band members. Every concert is a different experience, but it is the most fun when we see how truly moved the crowd is.”