Health minded – school strides to keep student and staff health in check

Isabella Blankenship, Section Editor

It takes a healthy body to have a healthy mind.

New ideas in place to help students, staff, and the community stay healthy and live healthier lives have been installed by the district. School Nurse Melissa Withers, commented on ideas throughout the high school in addition to what has been put in place around the district.

“We provide AEDs, first aid kits, and we have hand sanitizers placed around,” Withers, said, “[and] flu clinics that are brought to the campuses.”

The new high school is built with a much more open concept and layout, and it does not only make the school feel more like a college campus but it also helps with students and staffs with their health. The amount of sunlight in the building helps students get the amount of vitamin D that they need.

“There are fewer surfaces to touch, less spread of illness via touch,” Nurse Withers, said.

Another way the school has improved health in Melissa is by having all surfaces that students and faculty touch wiped down and cleaned.

“We have custodians wipe down faucets, the water fountains, door handles, keyboards, and that kind of stuff on a daily basis and that helps a lot,” Withers, said. The high school put in a new workout facility on the third floor for staff members. This is a very important part of the new health policy implemented at the school.

“Putting the teachers gym in where kids can see it kinda clues them into exercise is a good thing,” Nurse Withers said.