Wrestling preps to ‘take down’ the competition


Dalynn Borgess

Coach Gagarin speaks to the wrestling team members.


The wrestling team geared up for the upcoming season, with high expectations for winning state, with their first match on Nov. 15. With the help of their coach, Ricky Gagarin, the wrestling team is working hard to take down the competition.

Chioma Dimpka wrestles her opponent to the mat.

“Training is very difficult,” Sophomore, Ashley Vasquez, said. “But it is definitely something that I enjoy.”

Vasquez, along with the other wrestlers train Monday through Wednesday every afternoon to develop their moves. From shooting, ducking, and sprawling, they work on a variety of moves. Thursday and Friday they lift weights to work on strength, lifts like bench, squat, and dead-lifts, build the muscles of these wrestlers.

“I have been doing a lot better and I think I have what it takes to go to state,”  Junior, Lilly Rogers said. “I have gotten stronger, I am lifting a lot more than I used to, and my skills have improved.”

With all the intense work going on to get back in shape some would say that it is all hard work and no fun, but when Ellsworth talked about the type of atmosphere that surrounds the team during their everyday practice he had a different way of seeing it.

“It’s tough, it’s rapid pace, and there’s no time to mess around,” Junior, Noah Ellsworth, said. “ It’s tough, but we are all friendly”.

The encouraging atmosphere in the wrestling room has especially reached some of the new recruits.

Dalynn Borges
Ashley Vasquez and Lily Roger face off against one another.

“It’s also sort of like brothers and sisters honestly.” Freshman, Kaitlyn Garza said. “That’s just how we treat each other, and we lift each other up and we give each other tips and how to do moves.”

The team hopes for a fantastic season and are working towards team bonding and other achievements.

“Everyone encourages each other and it’s really inspiring and everyone is really helpful and fun,” Garza said.