Kor’Ryn Pitts styles students with environmentally friendly clothing line

Reu'Niya Chatman

Melissa High School fashion designer, Kor’Ryn Pitts, works hard to turn the old and boring into the new and stylish with her exciting designs.

Not many can say that during their 11th grade year they had their own fashion line, but Kor’R

Sarah Cadillo models a cargo style jacket.

yn can. She began sewing at the young age of 7. It was always just little projects here and there. It wasn’t until  last year that she began to design clothes. From that point forward, her designs just took off and quickly became popular. She strives to become a fashion icon with her unique designs.

“So one day I was like, ‘why pick, why not just wear both’ and boom I’ve got this great fashion theme that’s unique and different.””

— Kor'Ryn Pitts

“Most people may pick a celebrity as their fashion icon,” Pitts said. “But mine is my friend Sarah Kahlid,”

When looking at her designs one may wonder where she got the idea or inspiration from. Her designs are so unique, outgoing, and fun that it’s hard not to like them.

“My inspiration is anything and everything,” Pitts said, “anything and everything around the city of Melissa inspires me.”

Because her business is so small and still growing, she doesn’t have an official building nor does she have people who work for her. Nevertheless, her work is always top notch and can be made fairly quickly depending on what you order. All of her garments are created in a fashion room at her home. If you look at her designs you’ll notice that there is a split theme to them.

Kor’Ryn Pitts
Phoebe Schwegman pulls off a plaid sweater with no sleeves.

“The split theme comes for my indecisiveness,” Pitts said. “I have a really hard time deciding what I want to wear and deciding between two garments.

Not only are her designs fashion forward, but they’re also economically friendly. Instead of going and buying expensive new, Kor’Ryn goes to thrift stores and purchases her fabrics and there. Then, she turns

Kor’Ryn Pitts
Jade and Hunter wear trendy black and white outfits.

the old attire into something new and fun and sells them for affordable prices. The minimum a garment goes for is $15 but the max is $20.

“I make my clothes at home in my fashion room” Pitts said, “I like to go to thrift stores and shop there because I’m all about the environment. I like to turn old forgotten things into something fresh and new.”