New food options

Food truck offered one-week trial vending machines became permanent fixtures

Kendall Meziere, Writer

For only a week, a food truck parked outside the Student Union and served lunch. The food truck provided a popular option with a different choice featured daily. Every day, the lines in the cafeteria were shortened, and the line for the food truck grew fast. 

“My favorite food served at the food truck was the Philly cheese steak.” Emma Piyakhun said, “It was really good.”

In addition to the food truck, new vending machines have been installed. They’re on every floor, in every building. Each vending machine has many snacks, drinks, and a few meals. The school is trying to be healthier, considering the vending machines are decorated in pictures of fruits and vegetables and the snacks or considerably healthier than the snacks served in the student union.

In previous years, Melissa schools didn’t have vending machines that offered food. They’ve only had drinks. This year, Melissa stepped up and installed vending machines that offer both food and drinks. However, some students complain that the prices for some snacks are too expensive. Simple snacks and drinks like peanuts, Dr. Pepper, Takis and more can be bought for two dollars at a gas station, and some stud

Deanna Brock
In a basket- hot dogs, chicken and waffles, steak sandwich, curly fries and more were featured one week from a food truck offered as a trial at MHS during lunches.

ents think this is not a good thing.


Even though the snacks may be expensive, the funding goes to school. So even if we spend three dollars on something that normally costs a dollar, we could be helping extracurriculars like theatre, band, foot, and mega lunch clubs. So maybe the expensive snacks aren’t the worst thing in the world.“The snacks are expensive,” Junior Sarah Keaton, said.

“I could get a Dr. Pepper at the dollar store for less instead of the vending machines.”

Other student opinions differed on the vending varieties. 

“I think the meals in the vending machines are a good idea.” Junior Camille Bogdan, said. “Some people don’t want to wait  in line because they’re claustrophobic.”


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