Birdbox sends heartwarming message to Netflix users

Netflix’s new original movie took the movie world by storm.

   On December 13, 2018, Netflix released the movie Bird Box and ever since people have been going crazy over the movie. Throughout the movie, Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, tries to survive a world taken over by an unknown entity.  The movie shows that sticking together can make a crisis easier to handle and really shows the importance of family.

 Even though the movie in itself is great, it sparked up a not so great trend. The “Bird Box Challenge” is a challenge where you walk around blindfolded. While this might seem funny, it is also dangerous. People who participate could walk into a busy street, run into other people, or potentially injure themselves badly. Even so, teenagers and even some adults are still participating. Most people do not don’t seem to care about the risk of injury, they only about reenacting the movie and putting videos on social media.

Aside from the challenge, the movie sends a pretty good message to viewers. The movie teaches us how important family is, and shows us the benefits of sticking together. It’s no wonder so many people are obsessing over the movie. With the heartwarming message, the mystery, and the terrifying “demons”, it’s worth the time of watching.    

In my opinion, Bird Box is an amazing movie, and I really think everyone should consider watching it if they haven’t already. The tension and horror combined with love and teamwork make for a great movie.

It’s definitely one of Netflix’s better movies.