Tryouts this week cheer up championship chances

Many hopeful cheer elects expected for the next season


Carly Maisel

The cheer team leads the student body in Big Fatty.

After a successful season, the school’s most animated cardinals are ready to tackle their last competition of the year.

They started in late July, with a camp at A&M Commerce and then they practiced through August and cheered at the football and volleyball games. When the season ended they prepared for competitions, playoff games, and parades.

Cheer at the UIL state competition.

“We had a successful football season that was fun to cheer at, then after that, we started practicing for UIL State,” said Head Cheer Captain Memory Groves, “Where we ended up placing 9th out of 84 teams in the 4A division,”

With the new school, comes more people trying out to be on the cheer squad.  

“We definitely have a bigger program, than what we had last year,” said cheer coach Hallie Venner

The cheer team’s total this year was 56 cheerleaders in the program between Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

The numbers are expected to grow but the squads are not. From cheerleading vets to middle school move-ins, the total count is around 50 people. Venner said that they would be “limiting numbers” so that the different squads would be smaller.

   Tryouts for the cheer squad will be held Feb 28 and will consist of groups of three participants engaging in several activities in front of professional judges, who will score each contestant based on their performance.

“ Tryouts are going to start next week, the material will be uploaded to our website on Friday. And next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we will have a clinic in the afternoon for about an hour and a half. Where they can work on the tryout material, jumps, tumbling, and stunting,” said  Venner.

Carly Maisel
Victoria Goss cheers at a pep rally.

   Tryouts will be held February 28 at 4:45 p.m. where all of the contestants will show what they have learned.

   “They go in, in groups of about three in front of professional judges, who are from the National Cheerleading Association. Then they receive a score and they are placed on a team based on those scores,” said Venner.

As the season goes on the coaches as well as the girls, hope to keep the momentum going.

“ This year was the best that they’ve ever performed at the competition. We’re very, very proud of them and we’re hoping to get even better next year,” Venner said.