VASE students shatter previous year performance

Students receive higher ratings

Hayley Berry

The annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event, VASE, was held at Prosper High School, and on Saturday, Feb. 16, nearly 35 students piled onto a school bus to attend. All students in Region 10, our region of TAEA, the Texas Art Education Association. The VASE competition is one of the outlets TAEA gives several students the opportunity to showcase their artwork. If they make it to the state VASE competition they get to compete at an even higher scale of artistry.

Fiona Trussell
Jillian Gardener works on her art for VASE.

The scoring system is on a scale of one through four with four is the highest score students received and one being the lowest.
“Leading up to VASE I was pretty nervous because I started my project a month before the competition which is not a good idea.” Kadyn King, 10, said. It is her second year competing.
If a student gets a 4 on their artwork, it is then voted on by many judges on whether or not the artwork will go to State VASE. The preparation process for VASE was stressful but worth it in the end for many students.
“It all paid off when I found out later that night that my art piece is going to state VASE,” King said.
At VASE after students are interviewed by a judge about the artwork, the students were able to go and look at all the other artwork that got threes or fours on their artwork.

Fiona Trussell
Josh Spowart, 12, and Art and Graphic Design Teacher Dustin Clark prepare Spowart’s piece for VASE

“I just found it so interesting to see what other people came up with and see other’s ideas.” Shelby Kennedy,10, said. “Also looking at the other people’s ideas and artwork gave me inspiration,”
Year after year our students have created artwork to showcase at VASE. The art teachers believe that the students have been showing progress and have been getting steadily improving scores as the years go by.
“We had four pieces make it to state this year, which is better than last year because we only had three pieces make it last year. Also, we only had two people make threes and everyone else got fours,” Art Teacher Michelle Cruce-Malone.