Buc-ee’s plans for grand opening

Ayden Gress

Buc-ee’s is now officially close to opening in Melissa and is expected to be completed this spring.

This gas station chain that has been growing in popularity since it opened in 1982 and is opening this year in Melissa making it a place where people will come from all over the country to visit.

It attracts around 10,000 guests a day, on average, according to the owners. The building is around 50,000 sq. feet and will have around 100 fuel pumps.

“I have been to Buc-ee’s before,” Junior, Christopher Jordan said. “My favorite snacks are, of course, the famous Beaver Nuggets and the fudge.”

The new pit-stop will be located on Highway 75 and David Road. Buc-ee’s is predicting bringing in around 200 new jobs, making it the second largest employer in Melissa behind MISD.

Buc-ee’s was originally planned to in Feb. 2019, but complications getting a permit approved set construction back. Construction first started in January of 2018, right off Highway-75 and it is expected to open up in early 2019. This Buc-ees is expected to enhance considerably Melissa’s economy greatly due to sales tax. Even though it is placed right off the highway it will not affect day-to-day traffic. The cost for the building itself was in the millions. It is expected to bring in up to 2 to 3 million dollars just in sales tax within the first couple of years that it is open. They are now planning to open in late April to early May.

“It’s started and we will not be finished until we are selling Beaver Nuggets,”  Buc-ee’s Real Estate Director Stan Beard said.