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Soccer plays and places in Georgetown

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Reu’Niya Chatman

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State level competition through the eyes of freshman midfield player

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Soccer plays and places in Georgetown

Reu'Niya Chatman is middle row, fifth from the right.

Reu'Niya Chatman is middle row, fifth from the right.

London Tegerdine

Reu'Niya Chatman is middle row, fifth from the right.

London Tegerdine

London Tegerdine

Reu'Niya Chatman is middle row, fifth from the right.

I joined the soccer team thinking I was just going to gain a couple of friends but, I was wrong; I gained an entire family.

My first couple of months in Melissa were extremely rocky. I didn’t have very many friends nor did I want any. I was in denial that I had to move schools and start completely over.

One day I was talking to this girl from my biology class and she was telling me about the soccer team. I let her talk and talk and talk and every day at the end of class she would ask me to try out and I would say, “I’m gonna come tryout tomorrow.” This went on for about a month until I finally decided I would give it a shot. I didn’t think I would make the team because I was coming in to the middle of tryouts, but I figured it would give me something to do.

My first week of practice we did a lot of scrimmaging. I remember we were at the fields at the high school doing a four versus four scrimmage and I was put onto a team with one of our soon to be captains. Our team wasn’t doing very well and we just didn’t look good as a whole.

London Tegerdine
Reu’Niya Chatman sliding to get the soccer ball.

When we took a break the captain, Reagan, pulled us to the side to talk.

I remember her yelling at us telling us to be better because she knows that we are. That day was when I knew I definitely wanted to join the team. I knew that if I joined this team they were gonna hold me accountable for my mistakes and I was going to be pushed to be better, and Most importantly, I knew that we were going to accomplish great things.

As I predicted, we did.

Never in the history of Melissa has the girl’s varsity soccer team gone to state. We got to change history and I’m so glad I could be apart of it even if we didn’t win.

Winning would’ve been a great way to top off the season but it’s not always about the win or the number of goals that were scored. It’s about the memories we made, the laughs we shared, and the tears we cried that brought us closer together not only as a team but as a family as well.

I’m glad I can say that joining the Melissa soccer team was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. Even though we’re losing three players that are very near and dear to my heart, I’m excited for the next three year of high school soccer.

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Reu'Niya Chatman, Photographer and Writer

The last couple days of summer Reu’Niya Chatman moved to Melissa, Tx. She moved because her parents wanted land and wanted to live in a smaller, more...

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