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A declassified survival guide

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A declassified survival guide

the easy exemption enchiridion

Final exams are coming and there is a way for students to be spared. The rules for exemption can be tricky so The Banner News has provided a good reference point to help make sure that the student body is taking advantage of their exemption privilege.

  • The class must be a one credit course for it to be possible to exempt from the
  • The students cannot have more than three absences for the second semester
    • Absences that are counted against exemptions are
      • A – Excused
      • U – Unexcused
      • W – Written Parent Note
  •  Must have at least an 85 average in the class of the exemption
  • No ISS, OSS, or DAEP placements for 2nd semester
  •  All fines (checked out library books, calculators, and Chromebooks) must be cleared.
  • The students exemption request forms must be filled out and
    signed by a teacher and parent

The number of possible organs changes from grade to grade. Freshman can have only one exemption, sophomores are allowed two exemptions, juniors are allowed three exemptions, and seniors are completely exempt from exams (if they meet every qualification).

So, go forth and conquer the exams and, hopefully, may exemptions be with you.

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Madison Courtney, Assistant Editor

Madison Courtney is a sophomore that is mistaken on a daily basis for a junior or senior. She is involved with choir, theater, robotics, and UIL academics...

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