Leggings’ dress code shows no leniency



London Tegerdine, Photographer

As a new school year begins, the first few days are always devoted to policy. Students are educated on changes from last year’s regulations and additions to the current year’s rules. This year, the administration changed the dress code for shorts but not for leggings.

While a dress code is necessary, the dress code for leggings is too strict and should be changed.

Many students agree that shorts show more skin than leggings. Leggings cover the entire leg, even if they are pulled up farther; whereas, shorts show more leg whether they are pulled up or not. While leggings are tight and outline the shape of the leg, shorts reveal the actual leg. At least leggings are able to be seen no matter what length a student’s top is, but it is nearly impossible to see some students’ shorts underneath their long or over-sized shirts.

The existing dress code rule is that leggings must be worn with dress code appropriate shorts or with a shirt that goes down to mid-thigh. Most students already wear leggings with longer shirts, but for taller girls, it is harder to find shirts that go all the way down to mid-thigh.

Administrators may say that leggings are more distracting to students, but the fact is that leggings do not show skin. They may also say that because leggings are form fitting, they can be distracting. Many students do not see leggings as distracting. Students are so busy focusing on the assigned work in class or rushing to their next class that they don’t have time to worry about what other students are wearing.

The leggings dress code is harsh and should be reevaluated.