First floor needs student restrooms

Saher Asifi, Writer

As another school year is back in session, students still have one complaint: there are no restrooms for student use on the first floor of the main academic building. While most classes take place on the second, third, and fourth floors, which do have student restrooms, the first floor also has a number of classes but no place for students to quickly relieve themselves. This problem needs to be resolved.

One of the reasons why students should have restrooms on the first floor is because students would goof off less. When students are allowed to leave a first floor class to use the restroom, they would waste far less time if they didn’t have to climb any stairs to go to another floor. Some classes can be seen through because they have windows, and sometimes when students go to the second floor to go to the bathroom, they goof off by waving in the class windows and distracting other students from learning.

It’s only the fifth week of school and some students already have detention because they can’t make it from the fourth floor to the first in four minutes and squeeze in a bathroom break. This is yet another reason why students need restrooms on the first floor, also. Teachers could allow students coming from upstairs to the first floor extra time between classes, or administration could increase the passing period time back to five or even six minutes.

Of course, some first floor teachers tell students that they have to plan their time wisely and use the restroom on their way down to the first floor\; however, sometimes the urge just suddenly hits. Students can’t sit in class and learn if they are miserable with a full bladder. Maybe if students were able to at least use the two restrooms located near the center stairwell on the bottom floor, then teachers would allow them to go quickly in the event of an emergency and students wouldn’t miss much class time.

If classes are going to be held on all floors of the academic building, then students need access to restrooms on all floors. This problem needs to be addressed.