Path to success starts with students


Brayden Hewitt

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

As the 2019-2020 school year gets underway, students have been given many opportunities of freedom and different obligations. As it’s no longer the first day of school, teachers, staff members and administrators have started what is known as “Mega Lunch.”

Yes, Mega Lunch is a huge part of MHS; it isn’t only an hour of freedom that most freshmen and parents thought it was. Students are given the option to attend as many clubs a week of their choice, tutorials, or a combination of both. (Administration has instructed students to attend at least two events per week.) To some students this may be an overwhelming situation, but others see an opportunity to make the next big step in their future careers they’re trying to pursue.

Students looking to join or start a club can submit their request to the office or their third period teacher. If a club gets approved, then it’s up to the student and the teacher they choose as a sponsor to plan out and set the rules, assignments, and the jobs of the club. As many students can attend a particular club, such as the Minecraft Club, in recent weeks, administrators have had to add other sections of popular clubs.

Rozleyn Brown

According to, outside activities or even school clubs can give a variety of benefits. One of these benefits includes being better improved in your performance, having a higher self-esteem, and even helping with the university application process. Clubs outside of school and activities can improve students’ performance in certain areas because they better prepare them for what they are trying to achieve. For example, if one is trying to pursue a career in nursing and he/she takes classes that involve health, or volunteer at a local hospital, then that experience can help form a mental picture in that criteria. That experience gives a better understanding of what’s going on and can even change one’s mind on whether that’s something he/she really wants to do or not. Clubs that are offered at school such as Bring Change to Mind, HOSA, Social Club, Calculator Applications, and the Automotive Club, are just a few clubs that can start students on the right path to a certain career.

“I enjoy being in Art Club because it allows you to be ahead of the game,” freshman Elon McNeil said. “It better prepares you for what you’re trying to do as you get older. It makes me feel as if I can make sure this is something I want to study and become as I grow up. I also enjoy this club because I can figure myself out and my art at the same time.”