Game on: Girls’ golf off to good start

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Game on: Girls’ golf off to good start

Leslie Bauslaugh, Writer

On September 24, the girls’ golf team played in the Lady Bronco Fall Classic at Stonebridge Ranch. The players that participated were juniors Lindsay Bauslaugh, Alex Lozano, and Taylor Phipps.

They have been working hard on their game to prepare for their tournaments. They have to get lots of practice time in and make sure they are happy with their performance.

“I made sure that I was comfortable with my game,” junior Lindsay Bauslaugh said, “in all areas–chipping, driving, etc.”

After the tournament, everyone was pleased with how they played.

“Other than being tired from the heat,” Coach Chris Tyner said, “I think everyone was happy about their first performance of the year.”

After this, they are learning from this tournament and applying what they have learned to how they play in upcoming tournaments.

“We always try to gain knowledge from our mistakes at any tournament,” Tyner said, “so that we can make corrections and build on the areas where we struggled.”

Their biggest goal this year is to make it back to state for the second time.

“The Cardinal golf teams are anxious to win district,” Tyner said, “advance to regionals and win, and to make another appearance at the state tournament in Austin. #wintalityrepeat.”

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