Mega Lunch: Club Spotlight

A look into the Perspective Club

Wendy Guatemala, Writer

One club that we’d like to spotlight is the Perspective Club, which is an organization for girls’ Bible study held in Room B109, which is located in the fine arts building. Mrs. Cruce-Malone is the club’s sponsor, and Haley Bass is one of the leaders of the group.

The art room where the club meets weekly is packed with girls that want to know more about God. Haley recently sat down with our staff and answered some questions:

1. What is your favorite part of the club?
I think I would have to say that my favorite part of the club would be the girls that I get to spend each week with. Perspective has truly become just so much of a community and support system, and it is so amazing to have the opportunity to worship the Lord together in the middle of a school day! I also love all the outreach events that we do together, such as throwing a massive Christmas party for the kids at the Grayson County Homeless Shelter in December. It is such a great ministry opportunity and so much fun!

2. Why did you start the club?
I actually didn’t start Perspective; it was a club that was pre-existing but struggling
immensely. We were lucky if five girls showed up at the club block meeting each week! So, the summer before my junior year (2018-2019 school year), the year that I was being asked to step up and take over, I spent a ton of time just praying and planning and thinking of ways that I could “reinvent” this club and make it a bigger ministry and outreach and get more people involved. And, two or three weeks into that next year, we already had about 30 girls coming! It was an answer to prayer and something that has only continued to grow as at our last meeting we had 43 girls!

3. What is your goal for the club?
My ultimate goal would be to reach every single girl in our school and show them the Love of Christ that He has shown to me and so many others in our group. I want
Perspective to be a family, a community built around support and friendship. I want our group to be a light to our school and both our immediate community (Melissa High School) as well as our greater community (the town of Melissa and surrounding towns).

4. What will you be teaching/reading for next week?
We will actually be having a guest speaker come next week (Oct. 8). Her name is Hayley Robbins, and she is the wife of the youth pastor at my church, Christ Redeemer Church. She will be giving the last message in the foundational series we started the year with called “Wrapped Up In What’s Important.” She will be speaking on the importance of the Gospel, what it means to us as Christians, and the impact it should have on our daily lives. It’s going to be great, and I’m so excited to hear what she has to say!

5. Who are the leaders of the group?
This year, our leadership team consists of myself (Haley Bass), Ella Branson, Kate
Murray, Karson Love, Abbey Maldonado, Alison Koscis, Malori Boedeker, Sydney
Norton, Allie Norton, Kenzie Frantz, Ally Stinton, and Mallorie Power.