Cardinal Spirit Challenge: Grades compete for coveted cup

Abbie Chaloupka, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Cardinal Spirit Challenge is a competition between each of the grades. The Cardinal Cup is new this year and is meant to increase school spirit.

“The challenge will allow students to stretch themselves just a little bit outside their comfort zone, which is a very good thing,” teacher Brett Gustaveson said. “It will give students a chance to be more united, and to not be ashamed to love their school.”

The Cardinal Spirit Challenge is designed to increase student involvement.

“We want our school to have the most school spirit of anyone in the state,” Gustaveson said. “Also, we want school to be a more enjoyable and interesting place to be. We want students to have new opportunities, meet new people, and have enjoyable memories of their high school experience.”

There will be many opportunities to get points for the challenge. There will be opportunities at pep rallies and weekly challenges. Hints about these weekly challenges will be given on the Twitter account @SpiritCardinal.

“The biggest spirit point day of the year will be the Cardinal Bowl, which will probably take place the day before Spring Break. We will do a bunch of crazy competitions all together in the gym for about two hours. It is going to be insane and everyone is going to love it,” Gustaveson said.

The winner of the Cardinal Spirit Challenge won’t only win the Cardinal Cup but will also win other prizes for their grade.

“The winning grade level will get a half-day party in the student union, complete with movies, music, and pizza,” Gustaveson said. “It’s going to be legit for sure, definitely something to try and accomplish.”

It is a mystery who will win the Cardinal Cup, however, there are many opinions on who will claim the prize.

“The seniors and juniors are both off to a really fast start, so my money is on one of them. If I had to pick just one winner, I would say the juniors have the most passion for the competition and will probably come out on top,” Gustaveson said.