‘All American’ returns for season two


Wendy Guatemala, Writer

After airing season one a year ago on the CW channel and then five months later on Netflix, All American has returned.

The first episode for season two aired on October 7th, and new episodes will be coming every Monday.

If you haven’t watched season one for All American, then head over to Netflix and start watching, and if you don’t have Netflix, you can watch it on the CW website or app for free.

All American is about Spencer James, a high school student that gets an opportunity to play football for Beverly Hills HS. He takes the opportunity but has to move in with the coach Billy Baker and the quarterback Jordan Baker. The students at Beverly HS treat him as if he is the dirt on their shoes. The first friends Spencer makes are Olivia Baker and Leila Faisal, which causes drama between him and the football team.

For everyone that is waiting for season two to come out on Netflix, you will have to wait until 2020, around the end of March.