Students learn flour baby’s gender in child development class

Leslie Bauslaugh

Leslie Bauslaugh and Annabelle Brown

On November 7, Amy Tyner hosted a gender reveal party for her child development classes in preparation for the arrival of their “flour babies.” The students were excited to find out their flour newborn’s gender.

“They are getting flour babies on Wednesday,” Mrs. Tyner said, “so they can learn what it is like to take care of a child.”

The students must carry the “baby” wrapped in a blanket around the school to each class for one week.

Every student was hoping for a certain gender but sometimes did not get what he or she hoped. This shows, just like in real life, that that they cannot choose their child’s gender, but they should be grateful that they have one at all.

“I was hoping for a boy,” said junior Jami Foster, “but I got a girl, and I am not happy about it.”

Not only does this class teach students about the hard work it takes to care for a baby, but it gives them experience in the real world. It also shows them how careful they have to be with a newborn, and just how delicate they are.

“You’ve got to be super careful,” said junior Aubrey Bell, “and you have to make sure not to make any mistakes with them.” Having the flour baby also shows just how much costs and responsibilities play into this project.

“It’s taught me to understand the responsibilities that you need to care for a child,” said junior Emily Tubbs. “It is a lot more work than I thought it was and it cost more than I thought it would.”