Mega Lunch Spotlight: Gaming Club hosts fun competition

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Gaming Club has become one of the school’s most popular mega-lunch clubs.

Student creator Johnathan Gregoli, sophomore, came up with the idea last year when he and other MHS students asked Mr. Reyes if they could play video games in his room. After multiple students joined in to play at the end of class, Gregoli wanted to make a club just for gaming, so that students could share their enjoyment for video games. Now, over 35 students attend the club each week on Thursdays during B lunch.

“Last year, when my friends and I asked Reyes if we could play a few games, more people started to join in,” Johnathan said. “So I decided to make a club out of it, and I pitched my idea.”

Recently, on Nov. 21, the Melissa Gaming Club held the ultimate gaming competition for the Cardinal Spirit Challenge on the second floor of the academic tower. Students that have been a part of the club were able to sign up for the competition.

In the end the juniors came in first, earning 10 points, and the sophomores came in second, earning five points. See the current ranking below: