Freshmen take their first final exams at MHS

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

On January 9-16 freshman students at MHS took their first ever semester exams. Freshman students not knowing what the semester exams would be like or what the outcome would be tried their best and trusted in the teachers to teach them so they would be prepared and have the knowledge they need in order to succeed.

“I felt like this year required more preparation than last year,” freshman Kendyl Stout said. “In the end my final exams felt a little easier and better organized than last year’s, as well. I felt like I was prepared; I feel like the teachers prepared us and I was able to prepare myself by studying what the teachers have given me in advance and what I have done on my own as well.”

With the start of the spring semester, freshman students were made aware that this semester they would be allowed to exempt one final exam at the end of the year with certain conditions met.

To be exempt from final exams in May, students must meet the following criteria. This information can be found online in the Addendum to the Student Handbook:

Final exams will be taken the last week of the school year. All classes including PE, Band, Cheer, Athletics, etc. are required to give a final exam, however, students may be exempt from certain tests if they meet the criteria below.

To qualify for exemption:
1. Must be a one-credit course.
2. 85 or better yearly average for the course.
3. No more than 3 absences total for spring semester. (Only A, U, & W count as an absence)
4. No ISS, OSS, or DAEP placements for spring semester.
5. All fines–library, cafeteria, athletics, clubs, textbook, calculators, etc.–must be cleared by your sponsor or teacher.
6. Exemption request forms must be filled out and signed by the teacher and parent.
7. Seniors = 4 exemptions; Juniors = 3 exemptions; Sophomores = 2 exemptions; Freshmen = 1 exemption

Overall, students feel that being in high school allows for better opportunities but with all things, expectations must be met in order for all things to be completed or move forward.