Mega Lunch provides students with freedom

Rachel Nelson

Elian Garcia, Writer

At Melissa High School students get an hour for lunch called “Mega Lunch.” It is separated into two 30-minute sections: A lunch and B lunch. The purpose of the two different lunch periods is so that the time can be utilized for tutoring or going to fun clubs.

“Mega Lunch is meant to help students but can be taken away if not used responsibly,” Principal Kenneth Wooten said.

Kids are supposed to attend at least two clubs and/or tutorials per week. Students should always scan the QR code that should be displayed by the teacher to track attendance.

“Mega Lunch is a freedom because it is the one time of the day when students don’t have a schedule to follow but teachers do,” Mr. Wooten said.

To help them improve in the classes they are struggling in, students can even go to the library during Mega Lunch, which can be used as a quiet study hall to read or even to do homework.

There are many options on where to eat lunch and even more food options, there is a grab-n-go service on the first floor right outside the library that sells food as well as snacks. There is also a food truck right outside of the student union building, which sells different meals throughout the week. The student union itself has three serving lines that also sell different food items throughout the week.

Students can eat on the first floor (except in the library) and half of the fourth floor as well as in the fine arts building. The second and third floors of the main building can only be used for tutorials or club meetings.

Most of the students have stated that they love their long lunches.

“It’s helpful when you need to go to tutorials and good for when you just need a break,” freshman David Shipp said.