US citizens need to take social distancing seriously


NBC News

Saher Asifi, Writer

Minute by minute, the cases of the Coronavirus keep getting worse and worse. Minute by minute, someone out there is dying from this pandemic. It’s not going really easy, but it will continue to get harder somehow for the entire world. To give some background knowledge, the Coronavirus came from China and has spread rapidly over hundreds of countries in just a few months. Currently, China is in good condition because the country has mostly recovered from the virus. However, some countries like the United States and Italy are in bad condition right now, and it keeps getting worse, and it must be fixed. This social distancing is not working at all.

Social distancing was one idea to slow the spread of the dangerous pandemic. The government and the President both ordered their people and fellow citizens to stay inside their homes, but people aren’t taking this seriously. People are going out and not listening to the serious orders, and the rapid spreading just keeps getting worse. Even though it has been hard trying to stay in shelter for so long, people need to realize that this pandemic will only get worse if orders aren’t being followed.

Since the Coronavirus happened, China ordered a three month lockdown to slow down the spread. As a result, social distancing in China has worked out all right, and now the people can go back to work and their regular routines. Resources like toilet paper come from China, and grocery stores have been running low during this time. Now that the lockdown in China is over, toilet paper factories could produce more for hundreds of other countries. Other resources that are needed during this time also come from China, and now shelves in grocery stores could be stocked up. However, the supplies that are needed during this time would take forever to make in factories since they have to ship it to so many countries all over the world. Even though China is finally over its three month lockdown and people can go back to work, strict orders are still to be followed.

The same strict orders were given to China, Italy, and America. As a result, China has recovered mostly, while Italy and America are still in poor condition due to the Coronavirus. The orders and strict measures aren’t being taken seriously because there are no consequences being given if the rules of social distancing aren’t being followed. If consequences were given, then there would’ve been progress by now. Hopefully, the rules will become more strict so that people won’t keep disobeying serious orders.

Businesses are also in poor condition during this tragic time. Because this pandemic is going on all over the world, people have been trying to go out less. Even though there isn’t much work going on in businesses, they should still be paid. In fact, citizens that have been told to stay in their homes and are being held back from work, they should still be getting paid. People who work in businesses are risking their lives everyday during this time in order to keep their work more stabilizing, along with making money, but they should also be ordered to be quarantined, which would actually make social distancing work out all right.

If the Coronavirus continues to spread, then more strict orders should be given in some countries, and people should be more prepared by stocking up supplies and taking care of themselves. Sooner or later, this will be over, but situations that aren’t being taken seriously should be fixed fast.