MHS athletes stay in shape during quarantine


Leslie Bauslaugh

Abbie Chaloupka, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since Governor Abbott has closed all schools in Texas through the end of this 2019-2020 school year, athletes are not able to formally practice as a team; however, they are still staying in shape.

For some athletes their sport is difficult to practice at home such as the sport of golf, so they find other ways to stay active.

“I have been going on daily walks and biking,” junior Lindsay Bauslaugh said. “I have also been playing a few rounds here and there.”

Junior Lindsay Bauslaugh is a member of the varsity girls golf team.

Athletes now are even getting to practice with their families.

“To stay in shape I’ve been going on runs and playing tennis with my dad,” freshman Lindsay Anderson said.

Coaches have also been sending out resources for athletes to stay healthy in quarantine.

“Mr. and Mrs. Coach McCarter have done a great job of getting us some weight training workouts,” sophomore Tori Tauch said.

Many athletes miss training with their team and working out together.

‘It’s much more difficult to push yourself through a workout alone than if you had a teammate there helping and working with you,“ Tauch said. “I miss training with the team, but I know by staying home and working out by myself, I am helping the people of Texas and eventually this will pass.”