Three shows to binge during ‘lockdown’

Saher Asifi, Editor

During this time of quarantine, there isn’t really much on our minds of what to do. One of the things to do in quarantine, however, is to watch good shows. Here are three shows that are worth binge-watching:

Stranger Things
One good show to binge watch is Stranger Things. This is an adorable show that gets more suspenseful every time you watch. Our curiosity gets the best of us while watching this show, and then it is hard trying to stop. It’s the wanting to know what happens to the characters that makes the show binge-worthy. Eleven’s power draws attention to the audience. The mysterious substance of the other side of the universe is very unknown, and characters in the show have quite a past, all of which make this series as #1 on our list.

Another show to binge watch is Riverdale. It’s full of drama and mystery, and the actors in the show do an amazing job bringing their characters to life. It keeps the audience guessing and inferring what might happen next, and it makes the audience want to watch more of the show. It also has a lot of mystery. For instance, who could have killed the innocent Jason Blossom? The mystery and suspense of the show captures the audience’s attention. In each episode, there could be a clue of what may have happened to Jason, and putting those clues together is addicting and fun. It’s what makes the audience never want to stop watching the show.

Lastly, another show that is binge-worthy will forever be the one and only classic, Friends. Whenever feeling upset, angry, happy, or bored, Friends is the best show to watch. It makes the audience laugh and cry. In each episode, there are more plot twists and events that make us feel some kind of way. It’s about six friends who go through various situations in their lives, whether they be ups or downs. The funny jokes and scenes make us laugh, and it is a show for all generations. Friends could be watched so many times, but it will never get old. It’s a way to have your mood changed in seconds. It can help you forget whatever may be going on in your life or in our world, and it will forever hold a dear place in people’s hearts.