Melissa Theatre’s ‘Urinetown’ receives three DSM nominations

Brianne Finnell, Editor in Chief

On April 13, Dallas Summer Musicals (DSM) announced their 2019-2020 high school nominations. Of these nominations, Melissa Theatre’s 2019 fall program “Urinetown” received three, including Best Supporting Actor, Best Stage Crew & Technical Execution, and Best Scenic Design.

“It is an incredible honor to be nominated for any DSM awards,” Theatre Director Megan Moore said.

Every year, around 70 schools compete in the contest, consisting of mostly 5A and 6A programs. Of these schools, only 10 are selected for each nomination category. This year, “Urinetown” earned three first-time nominations for Melissa.

“When all was said and done, we put six months of blood, sweat, and tears into the show,” Moore said. “We worked hard because we truly love theatre, but these nominations are definitely the cherry on top.”

According to Moore, along with adequate acting, stage design and technical execution are also very important to the success of a performance. In fact, students and staff started the show design process for “Urinetown” back in Spring 2019. This year, Melissa received DSM nominations for both Best Stage Crew & Technical Execution and Best Scenic Design.

“I was so excited when I found out we were nominated for these two awards and am so proud of the techies,” senior technician Bella Blankenship said.

The tech crew consists of stage manager Abby Heath, sound technician Bella Blankenship, light technician Grace Lofaro, and stagehands Claire Drake, Jack Counce, Ella Nye, Emma Stern, and Natalie Somers.
In addition, this year, Thad Baker, junior, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Officer Lockstock.

On May 14, Dallas Summer Musicals will hold a 100% virtual ceremony that will feature performances, cameos, and acceptance speeches.

“This year is different, of course, because we aren’t able to celebrate together in person,” Moore said. “But we are working on a plan to celebrate the ceremony virtually.”