Students learn to cope during quarantine

Students learn to cope during quarantine

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Melissa High School students along with staff members have been forced to stay indoors and “quarantine” just like all Texas schools and most throughout the nation and world. Students are noticing just how much more time they are spending doing activities they wouldn’t usually do on a daily basis. These activities may include cooking,baking, running and even working out.

Not only are students coming up with creative ways to keep from getting bored, they are spending so much more time with their family members that they wouldn’t have time for before this so-called “lock-up.” With the help of parents, grandparents and friends, students are able to “survive” through the hard times.

Although COVID-19 may be bringing many homes and families down, we have been seeing an increasing amount of not only support from people that are close to us but many more such as actors, singers and YouTube stars who are encouraging us every day with a few words to brighten our lives. John Krasinski, who played in the long running TV show The Office, has started delivering “Some Good News” (SGN) periodically just to make people smile and laugh. The constant reminder that we are okay and that we can get through this inspires us all to keep pushing through.

With the help of friends and family, students are able to find relief during this hard time. Students are catching up on new shows and movies through the wide variety of streaming services. They are coming up with creative games, even learning to play games while video chatting, and learning TikTok dances. It seems that even rapper Drake may have “leaked” his unreleased single “Toosie Slide” to get in on the TikTok craze.

Students learn everyday that they are perhaps one day closer to going back to a more “normal” life. Students may be feeling down and depressed but because of friends and even social media apps they are able to connect and have something to bring their spirits up. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social media apps have been blowing up with comical and interesting ideas and videos. These apps allow students and even parents to connect with each other on a more humorous level and distracts them from “losing their minds.”