A Day in the Life…

Sophomore gives perspective on new remote learning

London Tegerdine, Writer

It is as if spring break became the divider between normal life and completely changed life due to COVID-19. Prior to spring break, I woke up at 6:45, left for school at 8:15, and was home by 4:30. Each of my classes took place at a specific time during the day, I saw friends Monday-Friday, and I was asleep by 10:30. Now I have essentially no structure, I have plenty of extra time for procrastination, and I complete my assignments when I choose.

A typical day in life for me probably looks a little bit different than most students. I wake up before 10 a.m., I spend a few hours on school work, and I work quite a bit as well.

On the schoolwork side of it, I usually complete my easiest assignments first or the assignments I can complete the quickest. With the longer assignments/projects, I spread the work out over a couple days. Other times, I complete the harder assignments in a day to get them over with. I definitely procrastinate the work that takes me longer.

There is a lack of structure in my schedule because I choose when I want to do a certain assignment. I don’t have my day blocked out for me and I honestly miss that. Not knowing what’s next and having to choose it for myself isn’t fun for me. The lack of structure is also what allows me to procrastinate because I am not sitting in class for 45 minutes with only that assignment to work on.

On days that I work at my actual job, I usually work on school before I leave, so I don’t think about it while at work. I just started working outside my home, so I’ve only been working for three hours at a time, but I’ll be working longer hours as soon as I’m out of training.

My other job is actually a personal business that I run. I make T-shirt blankets for people and each one takes me five to eight hours depending on the size. When I don’t have schoolwork or my actual job, this is what I work on. I set up a show for streaming–right now it’s Teen Wolf– and complete blanket after blanket. Since I’ve been in “shelter in place,” I have had tons to do.

The main difference of my day now compared to pre-pandemic days is that I don’t get to see people my age and I rarely see people outside of my family. I have only seen a couple of friends since this whole thing started and other than work, I only leave my house about once a week for groceries and materials for the blankets. It’s different from school because I used to see people every day for hours. It is the main thing I miss about school.

My day ends with watching a movie or browsing through Pinterest. All in all, I am on social media more often now, I watch more movies and shows than usual, and I haven’t completely lost my mind yet. I am ready for a break from school, but I think I’ll be happy to go back at the end of summer.