‘Curtains’ Call: Melissa Theatre reveals fall show


Leslie Bauslaugh, Writer

On May 1, Melissa Theatre announced that the fall 2020 musical will be Curtains.

Curtains is a “whodunit” murder mystery musical. The musical is a “show within a show” and takes place with a group of people in a Broadway-bound play, but then a murder takes place and they have to bring a detective in to solve the mystery.

Auditions took place virtually the week of May 11-15 and callbacks were announced on May 18.

“It is an incredibly fun show,” head director Megan Moore said. “It’s humorous and intelligent, and has the most amazing songs and dances. There are also a wide range of characters, so I knew it would be a good choice for our large, talented cast! It will also be a great challenge for our tech crew!”

Putting on a musical requires a lot of problem-solving skills, especially since the new performing arts center will not be ready by showtime.

“Musicals are always challenging just because they are so long!” Ms. Moore said. “This show has about a two-hour running time, which takes a lot of rehearsal!

This particular show does have unique challenges. Since our new auditorium is still under construction, we’ll be performing the show in the Black Box. We will have to get really creative with some of our staging.”

There’s a lot of excitement around the fall production, and we can’t wait to see how this musical will come out.

“I am beyond excited about doing Curtains!” Ms. Moore said.