Quarantine Beauty: Wins or Fails?

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Students are now in their seventh week of virtual classes. Some may spend their off-time by exercising, watching movies or playing board games with their family, but the new “trend” going around while students are in quarantine includes hair cutting and dying, at home eyelash extensions, and coming up with new ways to add style and color to their clothes.

Not only are community members of Melissa trying to enhance their looks with a trim, they are going to the extreme, including bangs, purple hair, at home piercings and tans. Ways that students and staff members are “staying with society” is by watching the latest TikTok and YouTube tutorials about what to try next. Tiktok and Youtube have been blowing up with haircut fails and beauty outbreaks. Not only are families getting a new style added to the history books but are getting a laugh out of every YouTube and TikTok video and post about “New styles.”

One “Quarantine Beauty Trend” that has caused a major outbreak in the beauty world with a laugh is the “Three Stooges Look/Bowl Cut.” This new way of styling hair has caught the attention of many and gives us something to laugh about during hard times.

“I figured that since I wouldn’t be in school for a while and had time off after doing my online classes, I decided it would be fun to add some style to my hair,” Rachel Tierreny said. “I decided to go for bangs and I am glad I did because I love the turnout!”

Just in the last few weeks of quarantine my own family decided to hop on the quarantine beauty trend by having my mom cut my brother’s and my sister’s hair. After watching a TikTok video and getting advice from relatives, my younger sister decided it would be fun and safe to dye her hair at home with Kool Aid.

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