Making Memories

Seniors view sunrise together

Elliana Carter, Reporter

On Fri., Sept. 11, a small group of senior girls in Zadow Park sat on their blankets as they watched the sunrise together. Some of the girls who helped in the planning of the event brought donuts for the rest of the girls. They munched on the donuts as they watched the sunrise over the grassy field.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many traditions for seniors to change or be canceled, some senior girls took it upon themselves to hold these traditions privately. While it wasn’t allowed to be held at the school without having to enforce strict mask and social distancing rules, they were able to think of another idea.

One of the main girls involved in organizing and planning was Kadyn King, the StuCo president. She helped put together a group chat of the senior girls and together they planned it out and spread the word through Instagram and Twitter.

“It turned out to be really fun! It was just us girls sitting at the park in blankets together,” King said. “We ate donuts, watched a beautiful sunrise, and took a lot of cute pictures. It will definitely be something I look back on in the future when remembering my senior year.”

While the event was originally planned for Sept. 4, due to rain, it was rescheduled to the week after.