Live-action ‘Mulan’ takes a turn


Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

The live-action film Mulan came to Disney+ on Sept. 4, 2020. Many people were thrilled to see the story of Mulan come to life but were disappointed by the outcome.

Viewers that did not like the movie agreed that the many changes from the animated version to the live-action version caused their disappointment. As fans all know, many small details in the animated version made the movie Mulan that much more interesting. One main difference between the two movies is that the live-action version had NO music.

The reason for no music according to film producer Chris Bender was that they wanted the story behind Mulan to be heard and taken seriously.

“We thought that in order to accomplish that and to get the kind of emotional grounding we wanted, it should not be a break-into-song musical,” Bender said.

A few other differences between the movies is that in the live-action version, Mulan doesn’t cut her hair, her male name is not Ping and instead is Hua Jun, and Mushu is no longer in the plot but is instead referenced by a sacred bird known as the Phoenix. Also, there is no lucky cricket, Mulan has a younger sister instead of a “little brother,” and there is no grandmother. Mulan tells of her identity instead of being caught. Shan-Yu’s hawk is now referenced by the powerful witch, and Shang is not in the movie but his character is split between two: Commander Tung and Honghui, who becomes the love interest in Mulan’s life. Click here to read more of the 37 differences between the two movie versions.

Overall, it is fair to say that the 2020 version of Mulan is missing many important details but is filled with more action, less singing and dancing and more fighting.