New businesses bring more jobs to students


The New Taco Bell in Melissa located along Highway 121.

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

The City of Melissa recently opened a Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Burger King; and many more businesses are in the process of being built. These businesses are a good way to bring more people to Melissa and a faster way for people to get what they want when they want it instead of having to drive to nearby McKinney.

New businesses present more job opportunities for teens. Having a job at a young age can teach kids the importance of saving and help improve social techniques.

“I enjoy working at my age because it’ll help teach me time management and social skills,” sophomore Bethany Finesse said. “I can learn to be responsible while I’m still young.”

Not only does working provide students with extra cash and teach them valuable lessons, it allows them to build new relationships with people and helps them to get out of their comfort zones.

“I like the people I work with and the friends I have gained doing this job,” Finesse added.

At school students are offered courses that can help them learn the importance of saving money at a young age. Dollars and Sense and Accounting teacher Lisa Hall teaches her students how saving and earning money can help them to use it wisely as they get older.

“I think it is important for students to start earning money at a young age because it teaches them independence and discipline in terms of working, spending and saving,” Hall said.