Students switch learning platform

Some virtual students return to classroom

Rozleyn Brown, Reporter

Students that started the 2020-2021 school year as virtual students had the opportunity to switch learning platforms with the start of the second nine weeks grading period. They had to fill out a form requesting this change. Over 60 students who received the approval to switch were able to return to in-person school on October 27.

MHS now has 917 in-person students and 227 virtual students.

Reasons for changing learning platforms varied from one student to the next. Some reasons were because of issues with grades and isolation.

Students that switched to in-person learning from virtual had to adjust to the “new normal” and basically have a second first day of school.

Returning students had to get used to wearing a mask for most of the day and only being able to take it off when eating or drinking. They had to adapt to social distancing at every opportunity and cleaning the desks and items used in the classroom at the end of the period.

Students that switched learning modes say that doing in-person is easier and gives them more opportunities because it allows them to get help when they need it and have classmates to lean on if they do not understand a topic.

“I switched learning platforms because I honestly believe that my grades will improve and I’ll be more responsible if I have teachers and other students keeping me accountable,” junior Chaney Shaw said.

After a shortened first week back, students and parents decided whether the change was good or bad.

“Switching learning platforms has helped me improve and I have been able to get my grades in check,” Shaw added.