Artists host virtual concerts to help music industry
Niall Horan

Abbie Chaloupka, Reporter

Due to COVID-19 many artists are starting to do online concerts to keep live music alive. Many artists are performing to help pay their crew because they are out of a job due to the lack of touring.

Lady Gaga also performed an online concert toward the beginning of quarantine to support healthcare workers. The concert was called “Together at Home.” Gaga performed along with many other artists raising a substantial amount of money for frontline workers.

Niall Horan, former member of One Direction, performed a virtual concert on Nov. 7 to raise money for “We Need Crew,” an organization to help pay touring crews who have lost their income since concerts have been cancelled during 2020.

Horan performed at the Royal Albert Hall with no audience and just his crew. He had special guest Ashe fly out and quarantine for two weeks to perform their song “Moral of the Story” together.

Billie Eilish also did an online concert to connect with fans due to her tour being cut short. Eilish’s profits from the show went to Crew Nation, another organization to help pay touring crews.

Liam Payne has also done multiple online shows. Paynes’ shows are interactive so he can even chat with fans.

BTS also performed an online show and is planning another one for New Year’s Eve.

Overall the music industry is working hard to keep live music alive. Even when artists can’t perform in person, they still look for a way to engage with their fans.